Consulting Services

  • We evaluate your corporate strategic intent, help analyzing your competitive environment and defining the innovative values of your business for the strategy to-be.
  • We assist in developing a business model targeted to open up high potential uncontested market space, an early market acceptance and profitable growth of the business.
  • We support the execution of the strategy and help building sustainability into your business.
  • e specialize in Blue Ocean Strategy methodology and tools with courtesy to W.C. Kim and R Mauborgne.
  • Focus on the big picture and not the numbers for a winning market creating strategy. As-is strategy.
  • Reconstruct your market borders to maximise your market potential.
  • Building a new business model for the to-be strategy.
  • Execution and visual communication of the strategy (under preparation).
  • Building sustainability into and renewal of Blue Ocean Strategies (under preparation).
  • We can support you in selecting your key markets and take part in the search and selection of strategically right partners for your choosing.
  • We also support change management and other operative tasks within your internationalisation process.

We Are At Your Disposal At Your Convenience Either Through:

  • A Board Membership Program
  • Strategic Consultancy tasks with set targets.
  • Operative projects as a (salaried) team member.