Our mission is to develop and commercialize innovations or innovative business ideas mainly in GreenTech and LifeSciences.

We define exceptional customer values and technologies based on validated information from the market using the tools and ideology of Blue Ocean strategy.

Our clients would be start-up or SME’s that want to grow, develop and internationalize their business. They aspire for a rapid market acceptance in a non-competitive market environment.

We are continuosly searching for innovative projects from our customers and partner with Science Parks, Development companies, Chambers of commerce, Investors, Trade associations and similar organizations.

In this site on page WE OFFER you will find a form for contacting and proposing a solution for yourself. We look forward to hearing from you.

EkoFARMER Farming Chamber

EkoFARMER – successful urban farming! EkoFARMER is a modern urban farming solution for companies that wish to promote sustainable living in cities. With EkoFARMER, cities and companies can easily grow vegetables for their own needs and in small scale.