Core Team

Photo Thomas Tapio v.02
Thomas Tapio

Thomas has a masters degree in international marketing and has previously worked for the LifeScience sector since 1980’s. He has held different positions including managing distributorships and launch high tech products globally.

+358 44 980 9682
Photo_Riikka_Veijalainen v.02
Riikka Veijalainen

Riikka is a multi-talent with a master’s degree in economy and business administration. She is s doer with a wide work experience from different sectors and multi-sized companies.

+358 40 547 0717
Hannu Pöllänen

Hannu is mechanical engineer and farmer. He has been leading sales, product development purchase, production, and after sales activities in snow gun, snow grooming, packaging, LED-lighting and modular construction industry in 20 countries. Finnish high technology export company achieved world market leadership in 2 years.

+358 45 644 2201

Marketing Team

Photo Katariina Lappi v.02
Katariina Lappi
Assigned as Temporary External Consultant

Katariina has a Master’s Degree in English translation from the University of Turku. She works as a freelance translator and transcreator. Her special fields in translation are music, medicine, technology, and marketing.

Photo Jemina Nylund v.02
Jemina Nylund
Assigned as Temporary External Consultant

Jemina is doing her Bachelor’s degree on Media and advertisement in Turku University of Applied Sciences. She specializes on project management and graphic design. In addition she works as a freelance graphic designer and creative designer.

Photo Mathias v.01
Mathias Tapio
IT Specialist

Mathias has a background in business information technology with experience from a variety of IT related tasks in small local companies as well as large multinational banking and telecom companies. Always looking to find new innovative tech related solutions.

+358 45 677 6106
Photo Gennady Kurushin v.02
Gennady Kurushin
Assigned as Temporary External Consultant

Professional with a broad experience in design, photography and digital marketing. Doctoral researcher in Information Systems, completed two Master’s degrees. Eager to work with others to bring creative ideas to life.